Sodium SilicatesSilicate binders are traditional core and mould binders used in the foundry industry. Recent health and safety guidelines and increasing environmental legislation has led to a renaissance of this inorganic and odourless class of foundry binding agent.

Foseco produces a broad range of silicate binders for the production of both moulds and cores using both CO2 and liquid catalysts.

The benefits of Foseco's sodium silicate systems include:
• lower cost
• less toxic than conventional resin binder systems
• no nitrogen, sulfur or phosphorous content
• high resistance to hot tearing
• low viscosity
• good compactability
• excellent breakdown characteristics

CARSIL is a range of sodium silicate binders suitable for both moulds and cores. Suitable for all types of sand, the recommended grain size is AFS 40-60.

SOLOSIL is a range of low viscosity, high performance, complex organic/inorganic binders. They are used as a one-shot addition and hardened by CO2.

Although designed specifically to accommodate short cycling times on automated core blowing machines, SOLOSIL bonded cores can also be hand rammed.

CARSET is a range of standard liquid ester hardeners.

VELOSET hardeners have been developed to achieve the highest possible reclamation levels. Used sand can be mechanically reclaimed by dry attrition at levels in excess of 75%. Unlike other sodium silicate systems, bench life increases over time - the bench life of the prepared sand mix may be double that obtained with new sand.