Additives Glues Sealants Release AgentsIn addition to binders and coatings, Foseco offers a range of ancillary products used for the production of molds and cores. These products include release and parting agents, glues and sealants, and sand additives.

Release and parting agents

A range of release agents for the separation of molds and cores from pattern equipment. Specific products for the cold set process, heat cured process, cold box cores and green sand molds are available. Mold box cleaners are also supplied.
SEPAROL parting agents where the mold or core is rammed up
ACMOSOL molding box cleaners


Water and solvent based core and mold adhesives.
CORFIX heat setting core adhesives
CORFIX cold bonding adhesives

Sand additives

A range of PUCB sand additives to reduce common defects associated with cold box core production such as veining and finning; green sand additives to control expansion defects; breakdown additives.
MIXAD free flowing green sand additives for the prevention of expansion defects.
DEXIL breakdown improving additive for the sodium silicate process